40′ x 50′ x 10′ Prefabricated Metal Building – $14,500

Ship: $14,500 plus tax
Firm Price for 30 days from post.
Within 200 Miles of Manufacturer (Or Total Cost with Shipping must be recalculated)


This 40′ x 50′ x 10′ pre-engineered steel building is an ideal prefabricated solid steel structure for your retail space, small metal building church, home garage building, or horse barn. It includes standard 26 gauge PBR wall panels in SP color. The building is engineered with 16’8″ spacing between the overhead columns on the sides. The roof is composed of 26 gauge panels with a zinc aluminum finish. There are three framed openings designed in this building: 2, 18′ x 8′ overhead door openings and 1, 30″ x 70″ standard man door opening.

Building Codes:

This building is coded to meet government building codes. Specifically, this building meets the IBC06 building code with a 90MPH wind specification, 15 lb. ground snow load, 3 lb. collateral load and normal (2) occupancy factor. For complete code information on this metal building, call Wright Building Systems at 615-822-4811.

Included Metal Building Accessories and Components:

1 – 30″ x 70″ Man Door Assembly with Standard Hardware, Base Trim, and Closures.
Gutter & Downspouts

Additional Available Metal Building Components:

3″ Roof and Wall Insulation – $1780.00
10′ x 8′ Overhead Door – $600.00
3′ x 3′ Insulated Horizontal-Sliding Window – $180.00
3′ x 7′ Insulated Wind-Loaded Man Door – $620.00

Every metal building is completely customizable to your specific needs! We can take or leave any aspect of this quote as it fits your building project needs and budget. Something not included? Well, it’s available. Call today to discuss your specific needs. We’re happy to provide an estimate for your specific project.