Price increase on steel 6-7%

1/15/17 Notice- additional steel increases in market - 6-7% increases announced as of January 30. We have previously announced steel price increases 3-5 % last May, and several of the manufacturers and suppliers have also given notices. We want to keep our customers informed of industry activity, and any items that may effect our production and pricing. Our prices when quoted are typically firm for 14 days, then subject to any increases in the market. Please be advised of upcoming pric...

30x50x12 metal building price

metal building price
30x50x12 metal building price steel building shop design to local codes, TN or KY 1 man door, 1 opening 12x10 price with freight and construction plans total $ 11,800 plus taxes add for 3" insulation roof/walls $ 1600 plus taxes add for gutters/ d spouts $ 600 plus taxes add for 14-0 tall building height $ 700 plus taxes call for more details or a custom quote firm 14 days 5-18-16, ref Ho/loui 0318   30x50x14 Shop Building price inc...

Steel Building

roof liner on shop building
Greetings: We are looking for opportunity to quote metal building projects. We are a Hendersonville TN supplier of building systems with 35 years experience, building systems, retrofits, metal components systems, quotes, consulting, budgets. Large or small for commercial, retail, warehouse, industrial, religous, community, parking, storage, mini storage,... Wright Building Systems is a family owned metal building supplier, now in its 23rd year since opening in ’92, servicing mainly the S...

Metal Projects

Recent Metal Projects include: Industrial Additions, Glasgow, KY Ammo Manufacturing Building, Eagle Pass, TX Commercial Building, Franklin, KY Church Bus Storage, Benton, KY Car Wash and Burn-Out Retrofits south of Nashville, TN Lumber Company in Dickson, TN Parking Canopy, National Guard, Nashville, TN Commercial Roof Systems on Masonry Walls, Nashville, TN, multiple locations, various sizes Retail Store, Single Slope System, Smyrna, TN Projects for Country Artists Reba McEntire, Lo...

Distressed Church Steel Building – For Sale at 50% of Cost

Distressed Church Steel Building - For Sale at 50% of Cost by WRIGHT BUILDING SYSTEMS, INC. on Thursday, June 7, 2012 at 1:42pm · Distressed Church building project 12,500 sf Steel Building for sale Four Sections, Connector, Hip Roofs, Panels 82x82, 60x100, 50x20, 16x25 Construction Sections Cost $ 82,000 plus freight/ taxes Ship from Nashville TN area Call for details Qte 12-069