Building Roof Panels and Trim 8500 sf

Screw down roof panels and trim 8500 sf
Ship: $12,811 plus tax.
Firm Price for 30 days from post.
Within 200 Miles of Manufacturer

labor by others $ 7,600

Wright Building Systems, Inc. to provide metal panel/trim pricing as shown:

1. Panel/trim package provided, based on standard design practices, details, and materials. Any discrepancies between Plans and Specifications, this Quotation will govern. Standard materials, sizes, and deflections used per code unless noted.

2. Not including any materials at existing, structural, rigid board, inspections, special tie in materials, expansion joint, color/finish paint at roof panels, plans, design, Energy Code requirements, special testing/inspections, canopies, curbs, pipe vents/boots, special clearances, FM rated “system”, bonds, labor, taxes, erection. Roof loads/ penetrations not mentioned are not included.

3. PRICING FIRM 14 days. ( MATERIAL QUOTED AS COMPONENT ORDER, NO PLANS, ERECTOR TO PROVIDE/ APPROVE FINAL LIST FOR FAB. To hold current pricing, normal delivery must be allowed. Wright will not participate in liquidated damages clause. Retainage not allowed.
Job Specific Notes:

BUILDING LOADS: – no design or plans provided, component order
GEOMETRY/FRAMING +- 142×36 gabled and 30×100 single slope, w/ 1 .12 pitch
BRACING: – by others, no structural provided
PANELS: ROOF: material finish Galvalume std. PBR screw down, , 26 ga, roof quoted bare galvalume
WALLS: – no materials priced ( std. dark green roof trim priced )
ACCESSORIES/TRIM: roof panels, screws, tape seal, mastic, tie in trim, gutter, down spouts, misc trim for complete job

Total price with freight as shown above is $ 12,811 plus taxes ( subject to changes and increases )

Pricing based on std. terms with supplier TBD, plans/ design fees due with order TBD

Labor price by others, contract is not by wright, independent erector $ 7,600 ( no travel )
Thank you, Jim Wright

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