Metal Standing Seam Roof Panels and PBM Wall Panels for Wood Frame 38x80x12

Metal Standing Seam Roof Panels and PBM Wall Panels for Wood Frame 38x80x12
by WRIGHT BUILDING SYSTEMS, INC. on Thursday, June 7, 2012 at 10:09am ·

Ship: $27,703 plus tax.
Firm Price for 30 days from post.
Within 200 Miles of Manufacturer
Qte 12-198

Wright Building Systems, Inc. to provide metal panel and trim pricing as shown:

1. Metal roofing and wall panel system package provided, based on standard specs & materials. Any discrepancies between Plans and Specifications, this Quotation will govern. Standard materials, sizes used unless noted.

2. Not including custom colors, underlayments, decking underneath, stainless screws, facia venting system, non prorated material finish on paint, Strippable film, all framing, 22 ga trim- (used 24/26 ga) – pg 11, any Energy Code requirements, special testing/inspections, doors, windows, canopies, special clearances, FM rated “system”, bonds, labor, taxes, erection. Roof loads/ penetrations not mentioned are not included.

3. PRICING FIRM 14 days. ( no increases expected within 30 days) . Approval jobs must be returned for fabrication within 14 days, To hold current pricing, normal delivery must be allowed. Wright will not participate in liquidated damages clause. Retainage not allowed.

Job Specific Notes: – METAL PANEL / TRIM QUOTE-

SHIPPING/DRAWINGS: freight allowed to site, engineering drawings for approval and erection , will be provided

BUILDING LOADS: IBC – note panel system only quoted- framing/design loads will be by structure

GEOMETRY/FRAMING garage and office section per plans

BRACING: by others, not included

PANELS: ROOF: Kynar 500 finish std colors, 18” x 2” vertical rib St Seam, seamed type, note-22 ga. quoted, NDL leak warranty with 2 inspections, – 133419-pg 5,7,9,10

WALLS: standard screw down PBM 36” x ¾”, 26 ga Kynar std color

SPACINGS: n/a by others, based on 5-0 purlin spacing for garage

ACCESSORIES/TRIM: trim as shown on plans, 24 ga fascia wrap at office, 26 ga trim at wall panels, soffits PBM 26 ga

Total price with freight as shown above is:

Office building: $27,203 plus taxes

Garage: $ 27,723 plus taxes- 48x102x16 size open walls to 14-0 note both prices here are panel/trim only, no structural

Garage: complete building $ 44,000 plus tax

Note: colors quoted/offered may not be the same as on metal building quote, limited colors available in 22 ga.

Pricing based on std. terms with supplier TBD, plans/ design fees due with order TBD

Thank you, Jim Wright

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