Open Shed Building 20x30x10

Open Shed Metal Building
Size/Dimensions: 20x30x10 with 1.12 pitch, gabled ( or single slope if cost less)
Framing/Bays:- 1 or 2 bays at sides ,20′ at ends
Panels: Roof 26 ga PBR z/alum/silver26 ga z/alum and Walls – none- all open
Design: IBC 09 code, collateral load 1#/sf, 1/2 load non- expandable ends
wind 90 mph/ ex b; seizmic, exposure, deflections all standard; note unheated deisgn required , open to passage/wind all walls
Bracing: no x brace allowed in walls- special all walls
Accessories: all walls open to passage/ wind
Insulation — none
Framed openings: none
Knock down Man door –none
Skylites: – none
Window – none
Liner – none
Crane/ Mezzanine/ – none
Trim: rake trim only, no eave trim -see alt add for gut/ ds
Site: Camden TN

Total price is $ 7230
20x30x10 open shed, no walls, special bracing, with sealed plans for permit/construction
add gutter and down spouts $ 217
tax added if needed
note! labor, anchor bolts, concrete not included
firm 14 days
call 615-822-4811
thank you
Jim Wright

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