Metal Roof Panel System over masonry walls

Are you thinking of doing a commercial building? Why not consider a metal roof system? Look at the options and cost savings over a conventional roof with bar joists and a built up roof. Metal Building Systems can be very cost effective. Metal systems can also be complete with wall panel systems. This detailed quote below is a framing system and panel for the roof only, at less than $ 6.00 psf, and $ 4.00 psf labor. Call for more details, let’s discuss your project. Thanks Jim Wright. 615-822-4811 office or

Wright Building Systems, Inc. to provide metal building pricing as shown:

Building roof package provided based on standard design practices, details, and materials.   Any discrepancies between Plans and Specifications, this Quotation will govern. Standard materials, sizes and deflections used per code unless noted.  Approval jobs must release in 14 days,  To hold current pricing, normal delivery must be allowed. Wright will not participate in liquidated damages clause. Retainage not allowed.  Terms: design fees with order COD site.  Pricing firm  14 days.

Job Specific Notes:

SIZE/TYPE:  44-0 x 98-0 x 14-0 eave with  3/4:12 pitch, SINGLE SLOPE

:- straight rafters only sit on angled ledge, no columns, ends are shelf angle by others,  bay spaces 24′ @ SIDES


DESIGN: IBC06 or 09,  12/20# LL, Collateral load 3#/sf, snow load per IBC, 3 copies of permit/ const plans w/ seals, Wind 90 mph/Ex B
l/200 rafter, l/240 purlins
  roof only, no lateral bracing or wall bracing, rafters sit on concrete piers, bolts by others 


Insulation: R30 optiliner 6 ” plus 3 1/2, with vinyl covering bottom of purlins, banding system support   – delete at $ 4,900
Framed openings: n/a
Man doors:  n/a

Window: NONE
Liner: NONE notew no back panels, no cap/coping at parapet ( roof to wall trim 3 sides included)
Canopies: NONE
Vents:  NONE
Skylights:  NONE
Misc: info: roof designed as above, not sized per plans/specs, no embeds, concrete. a. bolts, columns, coping at parapet

  Nashville TN

PRICE:  $ 31,000 with TN TAX – material order only

Alt price to delete insulation form quote- deduct from base bid $ 4,900

Alt price to reduce insulation per IECC 06, use 6″ roof and th. blocks- deduct from base bid( 1,100 )  not tested for IECC 06 or 09

Alt add for 36″ zinc alum back panels 200′ x 18″ ave, add $ 600, add for top coping 24″ stretch $ 1,300 ( adds with tax)

Not including  back panel, special shaped rafter ( i beam used on angled ledge per plans), special deflections other than shown, cap/coping, angles at endwalls, overhead doors, snow guards, anchor bolts, erector certification, special colors or testing, misc. sized steel, lintels, roof FM rating, skylites, mezzanine, labor, taxes, bonds, curbs, energy requirements, special clearances, other items not mentioned.
Wright Building Systems, Inc.