Metal Building Price 50x100x12 $ 24,650 plus tax

Metal Building Price 50x100x12

pricing includes (2- 16x8t roll up drum/ coil insulated, wind rated doors– as alt add), 2 std. 3070 insulated man doors, gutters/ d. spouts. Firm 14 days  9/3/15  Jim Wright 615-822-4811

Wright Building Systems, Inc. to provide metal building pricing as shown:

Building package provided based on standard design practices, details, and materials. Any discrepancies between Plans and Specifications, this Quotation will govern. Standard materials, sizes and deflections used per code unless noted. Approval jobs must release in 14 days, To hold current pricing, normal delivery must be allowed. Wright will not participate in liquidated damages clause. Retainage not allowed. Terms: design fees with order COD site.

Job Specific Notes:

SIZE/TYPE: 50-0 x 100-0 x 12-0 eave with 1/12 pitch, DOUBLE SLOPE

FRAMING/BAYS:- Rigid Frame w/ tapered columns, ends post/beam, non expandable, spaces 20′ o.c. @ Ends, 25-0″ @ Sides

PANELS: **ROOF SCREW DOWN PBR NON-UL90, 26 GA ZINC-ALUM/silver color; **WALLS –26 GA PBR STD COLOR walls and all wall trim, d spouts; rake, gutter; concrete notch used, no base trim

DESIGN: IBC2012, 12/20# LL, Coll. ld. 2#/sf, snow load per IBC, 3 ea. sealed permit/const plans, Wind 115 mph/Ex B, heated bldg.

BRACING: X BRACE ALL 4 WALLS as needed ( need sketch showing doors, man door, and x brace locations)


Insulation: not included –note this may not meet local codes, does not meet IECC energy code (note some new Energy Codes adopted)

Framed openings: 2-16X8 tall see sketch, NOTE PRICED WITH STD BRACING IN 1 BAY EACH WALL, OPENING with std jamb trim, no 8″ jamb cover wrap trim
Man doors: 2 EACH 3070M KD, INSULATED, white leaf, STD. LEVER LOCK

Window: NONE ( framing, windows, trim by others)
Liner: NONE
Canopies: NONE
Vents: no vents included
Skylights: NONE

SITE: Central Tn or Ky

BUILDING PRICE WITH FREIGHT: $ 24,650 plus tax, tax to be added if required

Alt. add for 4″ roof and wall fiberglass insulation with reinforced vinyl ( may not meet local code, verify) add $ 4,825 plus tax

Alt. add for drum/roll up doors 2- 16 x 8 tall,
2 EA 16X8 TALL ROLL UP COIL DOORS, MANUAL LIFT, WIND CERTIFIED, INSULATED, TOP DRAFT STOP; chain operate, inside lock, add is $ 2875 plus tax ( FOR BOTH)

**Note: Please confirm this meets local requirements for permit with local building dept..

Not including insulation, ridge vents, windows, overhead door OPERATORS, snow guards, anchor bolts, erector certification, special colors or testing, misc. sized steel, lintels, roof FM rating, skylites, mezzanine, labor, taxes, bonds, curbs, energy requirements, special clearances, other items not mentioned.