Metal Building Projects

Metal building projects planned using a metal or steel building? Delivery times are extended due to holidays and late summer and fall business.

These steel building kits can be erected quickly to allow the new business to start operating faster. The steel building uses I beam columns and rafters for main bents or main steel framing. Metal building projects use the girts/purlins to support the metal roof panels and metal wall panels. Walls can also be masonry or metal stud with brick or stucco finish. Many accessories can be used on the metal building such as overhangs or canopies with metal soffits, vents, floor systems, cranes and hoists, skylite panels for lighting, windows, wainscot, liner, doors, vents, curbs for air conditioning. Very economical compared to other types of construction, call today for a metal building quote.

Get your building ordered early so you can get delivery when you need to start. Call for prices, designs, specifics 615-822-4811.