Hip Roof Metal Building 67 x 120 x 12

Job Specific Notes:

SIZE/TYPE: 67-0 X 120-0 X 12-0 eaves 4 sides, with 6/12 pitch, double slope with roof hips at both 67-0 endwalls; std. non expand. end frames, 9-0 clear haunch required governs over eave given

FRAMING/BAYS: Rigid frame with tapered columns, both end frames non expandable, bay spaces 30 FT AT SIDES , std at endwalls
PANELS: **Roof SCREW DOWN PBR color/painted 26 GA W/ LONG LIFE SCREWS; **Walls – 26 ga REVERSE ROLL R PANEL IN ZINC/ALUM , BEHIND BRICK, std . girts — note screw down roof not recommended for hip roofs !

DESIGN: IBC Code, 12/20# LL, Collateral load 3#/sf, snow/WIND load 110 mph per IBC, normal risk cat, 3 copies of all permit/ const plans w/ seals, , Wind PER IBC/ Ex B; Seizmic, Exposure all 1.0, DEFLECTION FOR BRICK full ht. all walls PER CODE, deflection for suspended ceilings brittle per code, sidesway per code with brick

BRACING: X Cables allowed at endwalls 120 FT SIDES require special bracing (FO’S, DOORS)
Insulation – none, provide alter. add for 3″ vr roof/and walls
Framed openings – 4- 6X7 ( sidewalls)
Man doors – 4 each std 3070m kd w/ panic – NO closers (sidewalls)
Window – none
Liner – NONE
Canopies- none
Vents: NONE
Skylights: NONE
Misc: info: design per code, customer to verify with local officials , std. 4 sided hip roof typical gabled with hip each end, NOTE **all walls are ZINC-ALUM REV ROLL R PANEL
TRIM: Std Eave trim WITH GUTTERS/ DOWNSPOUTS all 4 sides

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