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Metal Barn Price 36x72x12 36x72x12 Steel Framed Barn Price, 3.12 pitch roof: Designed for Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, North MS or AL All steel framing, 8" columns, rafters, framing. 6 openings 3x3 for windows, 1 man door, 2- 12x10 garage doors Total for all materials with freight to 200 miles is $22,000 Add for 3″ roof/wall insulation add $ 2,900. Includes 3% steel increase July 10 Taxes to be added as required.Firm 14 days 9-7-17 refwe0317/ve/fb &...

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send a quote request for price on a metal building - call 615-822-4811 what kind of quote form would help you in sending information and pricing request on a metal building? size of building? jobsite city/state? accessories needed ( windows, doors, gutters, insulation...) design information/ code requirements?

30 x 50 x 14 Prefab Shop Building

Ship: $12,700 plus tax Firm Price for 30 days from post 9-20-2013  ( See new post 10-12-15 ) Within 200 Miles of Manufacturer Details: 30 x 50 x 14 Prefab Shop Building is an ideal steel structure for your retail space, small metal building church, home garage building, or barn. It includes standard 26 gauge PBR wall panels in SP color. The building is engineered with 25-0" spacing between columns on the sides. The roof is composed of 26 gauge panels with a zinc aluminum finish. There is...