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Need a warehouse, shop building, church building, garage, church building, retail strip center, mini storage, shelter, shed roof, or some misc. metal panels or cee channels ? Call Wright Building Systems at 615-390-1963 See more information, quotes, pictures, on the Google Plus page or our Facebook Page Wright Building Systems is a family owned metal building supplier, now in its 2...

60x80x12 shop building- $ 25,000 plus taxes

Price 60x80x12 metal building with man door , sealed plans for permit and construction, $25,000 + tx Add 4" roof and wall insulation - add $ 4,100 Shipping Information:TN or KY Building Type: Gabled Building Width: 60' Length: 80' Height: 12' Slope: 2:12 Sidewall Bay Config: 3 bays at 26 ft 8 in Left Endwall: Non-expandable Bearing Frame Right Endwall: Non-expandable Bearing Frame LEW Column Spacing: 20 / 20 / 20 REW Column Spacing: 20 / 20 / 20 Code: IBC 2012 Wind Load: 115 Exposu...

30x50x12 metal building price

metal building price
30x50x12 metal building price steel building shop design to local codes, TN or KY 1 man door, 1 opening 12x10 price with freight and construction plans total $ 11,800 plus taxes add for 3" insulation roof/walls $ 1600 plus taxes add for gutters/ d spouts $ 600 plus taxes add for 14-0 tall building height $ 700 plus taxes call for more details or a custom quote firm 14 days 5-18-16, ref Ho/loui 0318   30x50x14 Shop Building price inc...

Metal Building Price 50x100x12 $ 24,650 plus tax

Metal Building Price 50x100x12 pricing includes (2- 16x8t roll up drum/ coil insulated, wind rated doors-- as alt add), 2 std. 3070 insulated man doors, gutters/ d. spouts. Firm 14 days  9/3/15  Jim Wright 615-822-4811 Wright Building Systems, Inc. to provide metal building pricing as shown: Building package provided based on standard design practices, details, and materials. Any discrepancies between Plans and Specifications, this Quotation will govern. Standard materials, sizes and de...